Germain UX

Technology Insights.

IT Operations not keeping up with new everything? Germain UX can help.
Does this sound familiar?  
Technology Insights

Powerful Features & Capabilities for Precise Technology Insights.

360 degree view of your Technology health

360 degree view of your technology health.

Germain automatically measures performance of technologies, deep dives into technical metrics to help identify issues, whether they are caused by hardware, misconfiguration, data, etc.
Uptime and Performance
End-to-end metrics
Code Analysis
Deep Root-cause Analysis

The Germain Advantage for Optimal UX.

Optimize Legacy And Cloud Apps

Scale along with your IT growth.

Germain gives you the ability to start small and quickly adapt to fast changing IT operations.
100% searchable

100% searchable.

Metadata and Business Data are fully searchable. This is a must to help identify business impact at scale, dive into a critical problem, etc.
Exceptional and Unique Support

Exceptional Support.

Our support isn’t only unlimited, it is exceptional and focused on your business needs whether they are improving Adoption, Conversion or Retention or something else. And to get there, we also help your team do the magic with our platform, at no extra cost.
At fraction of the cost

At fraction of Your cost.

Reduce operating costs by consolidating and getting one of the best real-time Alert, Insights and Automation platform at a fraction of the cost. Do your organization a favor: stop throwing unnecessary significant money at technologies thinking that will solve your problem.

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