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Customer Journey Analytics

Retention optimization efforts not cutting it? Germain UX can help.
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Customer Journey Analytics

Powerful Features And Capabilities to Improve Customer Journey

Customers behave on your e-Commerce and Online Chat

Let Customers express their frustrations while it happens, and "replay why" later!

Germain’s User Feedback feature is the ultimate tool for gathering valuable insights from your customers. By collecting feedback in real-time – at the moment of frustration – you identify issues as they happen in a customer journey. Then understand -why- a Customer complained using Germain’s Session Replay!

Learn how to enable Germain’s User Feedback Popup (NPS).

Real Time Customer Feedback
phone conversation analysis

Call or Chat Insights

Integrate your CTI or Chatbot technology with Germain and get real-time insights about the synergy between a Client and a Sales or Service representative, identify miss AI guidance, etc.

How Germain detects and diagnoses issues when calls or  online chats don’t go well.

Custom Automation

Improve your business operations with Germain’s powerful automation features. When it’s reasonable, safe, and possible, Germain can automatically proactively detect and possibly resolve frictions and unlock stuck processes, helping you streamline your workflow and increase efficiency. But don’t worry – all actions taken by Germain are subject to review and approval by your team. You maintain complete control over your operations at all times.

Build your custom automation to further detect, alert or resolve issues.

Auto Resolve Inefficient Workflows
Smart Insights

Smart Insights

Our platform automatically detects deviations from an expected customer journey and records customer behavior with millisecond precision to reveal any frustration and confusion. Germain analysis covers both the browser and backend infrastructure levels. You can even create custom algorithms for added automation. Search through recorded customer sessions at scale to find specific error codes and unlock session metadata and business data to get comprehensive insight into customer behavior.

Identify Up and Down trends in a smarter and automated way.

early problem detection

The Germain Advantage

Customer Journey Insights unlocks the full potential of your CX analytics. Improve Workflow in near real-time 24×7
Our team is standing by to help you every step of the way. We can help customize your workflow real-time analysis and make it a perfect fit for your organization.
Business Impact @ Scale

Business Impact @ Scale

It’s not worth addressing issues unless you know whether they have a significant impact on your customer journey. Germain’s aggregate and operational dashboards allow you to identify the problems that cost your organization the most at scale. Easily delve into these issues to determine the root cause. Drill all the way down to a Session Replay and find the true source of your UX friction. 
100% searchable

100% searchable

With Germain, all your Metadata and Business Data are fully searchable. This is a must to help identify business impact at scale, dive into a critical problem, and fully understand your day-to-day operations.
Very Customizable

Very customizable

How many times have you hit a roadblock with one tool and had to search for another tool? At Germain, we believe that all real-time monitoring, analytics, and automation should be delivered by a single, highly customizable platform. From what data it collects and from where – to how it analyzes the data and what automation it applies – to how it visualizes, alerts, and reports on the data – Germain does all this and more under one amazingly versatile platform.
Exceptional and Unique Support

Exceptional & unique support

Want unlimited support? With Germain, that’s just the beginning. We’re dedicated to meet the specific needs of your business, whether it’s improving adoption, conversion, retention, or something else. Additional support helps your team get the most out of our platform – all at no extra cost.
At fraction of the cost

At fraction of the cost

It’s time to reduce operating costs and improve efficiency with Germain’s top-rated real-time monitoring, analytics, and automation platform. Our non-financed organization can offer you a comprehensive customer journey solution at a fraction of the cost. Don’t waste money on overpriced technologies – choose Germain and get the same benefits at a much more affordable price.

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