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May 7

Measuring the Real-time Performance of a Web Application Using Only JavaScript

cross-browser, no extensions or other installation, no interruption of end-user’s experience Built-in Profilers The profiling functionality offered in most web browsers can be used to understand where the largest performance bottlenecks are, but they have to be triggered by the end user and therefore that data will only be available to those with access to

Apr 30

6 tips on how to monitor your html/javascript app

Use Google Chrome Developer console…:)…now if you can’t (e.g. you don’t have access to your end-user’s browser), you need to build your own monitoring technology and monitor every browser event, javascript, static content, network traffic, and do the same on the server side and correlate all these..and do that for each and every technology type

Feb 7

Cost of application downtime

The real cost of downtime

Jan 4

APM Predictions: 7 bad things that may happen to your mission-critical business applications

Are you ready to hit the ground running with your Application Performance Management resolutions? We certainly are. To better prepare, we asked our experts what they saw in the field last year, and decided to bring you the worst of it. We sincerely hope none of these will happen to you. Unfortunately they probably will…

Sep 12

MTTI, MTTR, how to get these numbers down

Mean Time to Identify (MTTI) refers to the time it takes to detect an incident (incident that affect your users, business processes and/or technologies performance) and identify its root-cause. Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR) is the average time between the start and resolution of that incident. Business needs are evolving significantly more quickly than before,

Jul 20

Identification (in near real-time) of 1)reproduction scenario and 2)root-cause of a User Error

One of our customers saved 4 months of severe business impact (visible @ executive level) using germain CRT and germain APM combined! (thanks to our client for providing us this feedback!). Oracle Support spent several weeks investigating that issue and as of today (1.5month later) has still not found the exact location of the crash…

Jun 19

Here is an article on Customer Experience published by Yannick Germain on Forbes

May 24

User Experience session @ Enterprise UX 2018 – San Francisco

June 13-15 – san Francisco – Enterprise UX 2018 – Germain APM will have a booth..dont have the number yet

May 21

Customer Journey Analytics session @ Customer Service Summit West – San Diego

June 7-8 2018 – San Diego -Customer Service Summit West Yannick germain will be giving a 30 min talk – In this session we take a closer look at how you can track your customer journeys to identify friction points throughout the lifecycle and deep-dive into business and technology solutions throughout the customer experience. Agenda

Apr 27

Our Passion for Application Performance Management

At Germain Software we are all about passion. We are passionate about our customers, and we are passionate about APM technology and providing the best end-to-end Application Performance management solution available in the industry today. Every customer is important to us. We work closely with each one to ensure our APM solution fits seamlessly into