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Apr 9

7 Ways to Get Started on Proactive Application Monitoring

We mentioned in our last post ”The 3 Main Benefits of Proactive Application Monitoring“ how proactive application monitoring can be extremely valuable for your business, but as with any new business process it helps to have a few concrete steps to get started. While these are by no means the whole story, they are our

Mar 11

Siebel Troubleshooting: Diagnosing User Disconnects using Germain APM for Siebel

If you’ve ever manned a Siebel HelpDesk, you’ve received the frantic calls from users whose data or workflow has been lost when the system disconnected them.  Of course, you do what you can to help recover their work or confirm that a process was executed or, if not, where it terminated – users come first

Feb 28

Justifying an APM investment, part 2 – quantifying positive impact on the business

This is our second post on the topic of justifying investments in APM technologies, which is still a challenge with IT budgets still tight and APM projects not taken for granted.

Jan 30

The 5 golden rules for balancing Siebel log levels for efficient Siebel application performance monitoring

You’ve all been here before: how do you get enough data to understand what’s going on in your Siebel application and perform Root Cause Analyses (RCAs), while balancing the potential impact of higher log levels on performance and disk space. At Germain, we’ve had this conversation hundreds of times with Siebel customers when implementing our