Database Administrators

With our Application Performance Monitoring solution

 Proactively maintain and monitor database (e.g. purge a temporary table, update business data automatically whenever thresholds are exceeded or else) and avoid performance issues (based on predictive analytics, synthetic mechanism and more)
 Understand whether database is at the root-cause of application performance
 Map application usage (user click, process, component, transaction or else) and database statistics (sql, index, lock, i/o or else)
 Automate workarounds and apply corrective actions (e.g. create an index, purge a temporary table, update business data automatically whenever thresholds are exceeded or else) that can temporarily solve performance issue, to minimize business impact next time an issue occurs, as your team is waiting to get a real patch for a product defect

And automate the performance review of your Application Code, Scripting and Object

to bring ROI upstream on development

Let germain CRT review, every night, your Application Code, Script, Object, and identify violation of development best-practice that are known to cause severe performance issues
Implement tuning recommendations that are provided by germain CRT
Track regression and resolution
Map production issues and current code, script, object-levels (using the "Tuning Recommendation" link on germain APM RCA dashboard)
Keep all your developers up-to-date with the latest dev best-practices by adding new validation rule(s) into germain CRT
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The truth is in the pudding...or rather in our platform

germainAPM & CRT never take no for an answer (and we are here to help @ no cost)

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Benefits for DevOps

solutions for all applications

Avoid business loss and negative reputation
Reduce IT Operation cost
Uniformly measure and report
Accelerate development cycles
Turn application Support Operations into Proactive Organizations

Germain solutions ROI statistics

that we are very proud of


saved man-days/month by organization


Solved User issues


Saved Business

All-in-one APM, BPM, RUM and Automation

to help improve:

Customer Experience

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User Experience (of web apps)

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Technology Performance

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What customers are saying about germain APM

  • “My company starts using germain APM in 2014. Germain provides better tool experience and navigation performance. The recent upgrade for HTML Applications (e.g., Siebel OpenUI) performance monitoring is significant. I also love Germain can now build different monitoring for other applications (java, .net, etc) by using different data source. I highly recommend it.”

    — Jerry D, Operation Manager @eBay eBay
  • “germain APM provides an accurate view into the User Experience…”

    — Jason M, Principal Application Architect at a transportation company with 1,001-5,000 employees