Application Administrators

Monitor, 24×7, in real-time, the performance of Users and Technologies with germain APM

 Proactive (Predictive analytics, synthetic mechanisms, AI-driven data analysis, etc)

 End-to-end performance view (From the Business down to the Data Center and Technologies, and from the browser down to the web, application code, db sql, network, etc)

Monitor and View/Replay what a users did (like a watching a recorded video of the User’s browser)

Be Alerted (and receive smart alerts rather than thousands of useless ones..)

 Effectively identify root-cause of performance issue (leveraging our data correlation engine and intuitive dashboards)

 Execute automated maintenance tasks to help avoid simple issues that cause significant business impact

Benefits for DevOps

solutions for all applications

Avoid business loss and negative reputation
Reduce IT Operation cost
Uniformly measure and report
Accelerate development cycles
Turn application Support Operations into Proactive Organizations

Germain solutions ROI statistics

that we are very proud of


saved man-days/month by organization


Solved User issues


Saved Business

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