Siebel CRM monitoring (OUI, HI and Mobile)

Identify issues @user, process & tech. levels and their root-cause (User Session Replay, Functional and Technology RCA, Tuning Recommendations, etc)

24x7 real-time monitoring, analytics, automation and alert

 User Behavior & Flow Analysis
 User Session Recording and Replay (i.e. as if you were watching every user’s browser, 24×7; DEMO:
 Business Process monitoring and insights
 Map business to technical metrics
And on the more technical side:
 Web Server, Object Manager, Database performance monitoring (web server, service, eai/web servcice, workflow process, session, crash, logs, sql, etc)
Object Manager Crash root-cause analysis, user scenario, and escript & object-levels tuning recommendation
 User Error root-cause analysis (end-to-end, from browser to web, cti, app, db layers, etc)
 Reproduction scenario of any issues
 eScript and Repository Object-levels real-time profiling (escript, repository object, workflow process, buscomp, web service, etc)
 eScript and Repository Object-levels tuning recommendations
 Capacity monitoring
 Security monitoring


Example of metrics you can get, in real-time and 24×7:

  • What did your Sales Representative do on your Siebel CRM portal?
  • How long did it take a Sales Rep to close a Deal?
  • Are any of the sales opportunities not followed-upon?
  • How many times did a customer got his/her phone call transferred?
  • How long did a CSR take to work on a support call?