MarkoJS Performance Monitoring & Real-Time Insights, 24×7

Identify issues @user, process & tech. levels and their root-cause (User Session Replay, Functional and Technology RCA, etc)

24x7 real-time Monitoring, Analytics, Automation and Alert

 User Monitoring (mouse clicks, moves, typing, error, etc) & Alert
 User Behavior Analysis
 User Session Recording and Replay (i.e. as if you are watching users over their shoulders!)
 Business Process Monitoring and Insights
 Map business to technical metrics
 Transaction/click Root-Cause Analysis (Desktop/Mobile>Browser>N/w>Web>App Code>Db sql, etc)
 MarkoJS server monitoring
 Javascript real-time monitoring and analysis

And example of business metrics you can get, in real-time and 24×7:

  • As to the users that visited your MarkoJS site, what did they do and look out for?
  • Have visitors experienced any performance issues?
  • How long did it take for a visitor to create an order?