Java real-time profiling

Monitor Java apps (JVM, Threads, Transactions, Apis, Functions, etc), business process/workflow and user with germain APM

24x7, in real-time, get deep insights and be alerted when critical event occurs

 JVM and Java code real-time profiling (method execution time, cpu cycles, memory allocation, threads, etc)
 Audit Trail (understand what code change introduces a performance issue)
 Correlation (business, user click, http request, java method call, sql statement execution, etc)
 Security monitoring
 Business Process Monitoring and Insights

and example of business metrics you can get, in real-time and 24×7:

  • What did your Sales Representative do on your Java app?
  • How long did it take a Sales Rep to close a Deal?
  • Are any of the sales opportunities not followed-upon?
  • How many times did a customer got his/her phone call transferred?
  • How long did a CSR take to work on a support call?