germainAPM is Always on the RUM

Mar 12

germainAPM is Always on the RUM

Are your KPIs flashing green or red? Are your OKRs just OK? Are your company’s processes and people properly aligned to deliver the ultimate UX? These are the issues that give CEOs, CFOs, CMOS, CTOs, and HR managers TMJ.

Fortunately, germainAPM has the solution to solve these teeth-gnashing questions that make for sleepless C-suite nights: RUM.

germainAPM’s Real User Monitor software solution enables companies – within minutes, in real time – to identify, analyze and remove any hidden customer roadblocks, eliminate internal inefficiencies, streamline operations, improve collaboration between teams, and share data faster – all to ensure a seamless and superior customer experience.

The key ingredient in germainAPM’s RUM – what sets it apart – is its proprietary, real-time Replay sessions and Bottleneck identification features, super customizable, all-in-one APM/BPM/RUM/automation, at a fraction of the cost of other solutions, and its engineers’ help for free.

Rather than traditional User Interface screenshots, and other difficult-to-implement solutions offered by other software providers, germainAPM’s software tool gives companies the power to reconstruct a customer journey in real time to identify any potential problem points; zero in on the root-cause of any customer issues; and deliver a set of targeted solutions within minutes that companies can immediately implement to reduce customer churn and increase sales conversion rates.

Companies using germainAPM’s monitoring, analytics, and automatic software tool don’t need to call the end-user (employee, partner, customer) to understand what a customer experienced while browsing their eCommerce, CRM or ERP business application. They can instead visualize the exact scenario of that real user and immediately identify the cause of any technology or process issue, determine why it happened, automatically apply a fix and provide actionable steps to prevent it from happening again.

germainAPM’s APM, BPM, RUM and automation software tool IS NOT some off-the-shelf, cookie-cutter software package you rent and plug in. Every germainAPM platform is backed with experienced engineers who will configure a specific software solution tailored to your company’s specific customer needs – for FREE.

And the beauty is that germainAPM is an all-in-one APM/BPM/RUM/Automation software platform, so beyond just UX metrics, you can consolidate all your monitoring, analytics and automation needs on one germainAPM platform.

Click here for a closer look at the proprietary, targeted UX software solutions germainAPM can deliver for your business to help drive your bottom line. There’s a reason we’ve had a 100-percent customer retention rate since 2014.