.Net Application Performance Monitoring and C# Real-Time Profiling

Identify frictions (@user, process & tech. levels), reproduction scenarios, exact root-cause @transaction level

24x7 real-time monitoring, analytics, automation and alert

 C# (and other CLI) code real-time profiling (method execution time, cpu cycles, memory allocation, threads, etc)
 Audit Trail (understand what code change introduces a performance issue)
 Correlation (business, user click, http request, C# method call, sql statement execution, etc)
 Security monitoring
 Business Process Monitoring and Insights and example of business metrics you can get, in real-time and 24×7:

  • What did your Sales Representative do on your Java app?
  • How long did it take a Sales Rep to close a Deal?
  • Are any of the sales opportunities not followed-upon?
  • How many times did a customer got his/her phone call transferred?
  • How long did a CSR take to work on a support call?