Core Values

This Code of Conduct covers our behavior as contributors/committers of the Germain team, as well as those participating in any Germain moderated forum, mailing list, wiki, web site, Gitter or IRC room, hackathon, public meeting or private correspondence. This should not be interpreted like a legal document. It’s a statement of intent, and a guideline for collaboration.

The code of conduct consists of some hard-and-fast rules and some guidelines:


(1) Be Respectful

The Germain community is made up of a diverse set of individuals and backgrounds. Everyone can make a contribution to Germain. Disagreement is no excuse for poor behavior. Also, many users coming to Germain might have different background than others. Not knowing a particular domain is not just cause for rude behavior. If someone is suggesting concepts that go beyond your basic understanding, patiently asking for more information is the right way to go. Treat each other with respect in all interactions.

(2) Strive for Excellence

Strive to improve in all things. Strive to better Germain, and improve understanding. Improve your own teaching styles. Change the way we think about code design. Germain is a gateway into a new world of software design, and we’re constantly learning new things and opening new avenues. Keep an open mind to try new things, and strive to improve what we already know.

(3) Be Thorough

No matter what it is, responding to a question, fixing a bug, writing a proposal, make sure the contribution is thorough. Don’t leave things half written or half done. While the evolution of Germain is a continual process, incomplete work is often of negative benefit. At the same time, contributors will come and go, as with any open source community. If a contributor needs to drop something, take measures to ensure someone else is willing to pick it up, or notify the other maintainers.

Provide an ETA for your work and make it on time. Shorten a meeting if there is no value to it. Think of helping others in a scaling sense (if you explain something to somebody, may be that can be shared with others). Avoid “political” debate i.e. BS isn’t welcomed here.

(4) Have great intentions

Be genuinely interested in making a significant impact, in helping others (teammates, customers and partners) exceed in their roles, in going beyond your boundaries and comfort zone. all this because you want to want to be a -pillar- of our community.