Benefits for teams

Monitor, analyze, auto-correct, alert & report 24×7.

Understand and improve Customer Experience.

Support Customers in a new and creative way and increase retention.

Monitor & Analyze & Correlate 24×7, every customer interaction (phone, website, email, etc)..

Understand a Customer’s interest by replaying his/her session browsing your eCommerce, website, etc. 

Be alerted when a Customer experiences issues.

Understand whether a Customer request has been promptly addressed.

Identify up-sell opportunities. 

Monitor, analyze, auto-correct, alert & report 24×7.

Crunch any data in any way you like.

Provide valuable insights to CX, UX, Marketing and DevOps organizations

Search-and-share findings with anyone, within a few clicks

Leverage our correlation engine and interface to best cross-reference data

Build real-time dashboards with data coming from various data sources.

Germain APM platform runs on MemSQL, MongoDb, etc.

Monitor the whole infrastructure, cloud, on-prem, mobile…proactively detect infra issues, troubleshoot regression, automate resolution, alert & report 24×7.

Monitor & Improve Technology Performance, 24×7

Proactive (Predictive analytics, synthetic mechanisms, AI-driven data analysis, etc)

End-to-end performance view (From the Business down to the Data Center and Technologies, and from the browser down to the web, application code, db sql, network, etc)

Monitor and View/Replay what a users did (like a watching a recorded video of the User’s browser)

Be Alerted (and receive smart alerts rather than thousands of useless ones..)

Effectively identify root-cause of performance issue (leveraging our data correlation engine and intuitive dashboards)

Execute automated maintenance tasks to help avoid simple issues that cause significant business impact.

Improve Application Performance with Production Data and Automation

Improvement for developers

Issue Root-Cause Analysis (identify what causes an application crash, browser freeze, user error, transaction slowdown, etc) in real-time, 24×7

Transaction Time Breakdown, end-to-end (device > browser > javascript > http request > code > sql > integration, etc)in real-time, 24×7

Code Profiling (Javascript, Java, C#, etc), in real-time, 24×7

Reproduction Case identification (Understand what scenario caused a bug using our Replay feature, our Correlation engine, etc), in real-time, 24×7

Automate Issue Resolution (using our various Automation features e.g. synthetic click, script execution, http request execution, sql execution etc), in real-time, 24×7

Automate Nightly Performance Review of Application Object and Application Script (identify during dev phase, violations of -performance best-practices-, using germainCRT. e.g. bad customization objects or poorly performing scripting that may cause user error, application slowdowns or crash)

Monitor, analyze & improve DX in real-time, or effectively as a team, 24×7.

Lower Churn & Improve UX, as quickly & effectively as possible, 24×7

Watch/Replay what a prospect does on your website (video replay i.e. as if you were behind her/his shoulder)

Analyze Prospect behavior @scale and identify frictions, drop-offs, etc

Track Business Operations and identify issues

Understand the impact of a release

Proactive detection of DX issues & automatic alert and resolution

Provide valuable insights to your Business, CX, Marketing, Sales Organizations to help increase conversion rate or retain customers

Monitor, analyze, auto-correct, alert & report 24×7.

Understand the complete and real user experience using your mobile, desktop and web application

Complete User Experience metrics (behavior, click, data, issue, etc)

Identify the top 3 mistakes that Users make while using your web application

View/Replay what a users did (like a watching a recorded video of the User’s browser)

Support end-users in a new and creative way and increase technology adoption

 Correlate User and Technology issues

The truth is in the pudding…or rather in our platform.

GermainAPM & CRT never take no for an answer (and we are here to help @ no cost).

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