All-in-one APM, done-for-you service, 
at the sharpest price in the market.

Pricing wise you have the choice between usage-based pricing, or a monthly unlimited use flat fee, which is unique in the market. To get an idea of the usage-based price in your situation, click the Calculate price buttons below.

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Llyod Q.

Software Engineer,


"One of the best real user monitoring (RUM) software available"

"Thanks for being such a good partner.

Robert M.

Director Marketing and

Customer Loyalty, Oil & Gas

Germain has really really helped my organization and by extension the operations of our CX program."

"I am learning much more about Germain and WOW. These are a great tools. Very, very impressed.."

Beth B.

Director Business

Operations, Finance

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Real-Time Monitoring, Insights and Automation to improve UX.





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Starting at $460

Various Cloud and On-site deployment options are available

Done-for-you configuration, every month


Usage based

Various Cloud and On-site deployment options are available

Done-for-you configuration, every month 

Done-for-you configuration, every month 

Various Cloud and On-site deployment options are available

$11,995* / Month


The Small Print

* Unlimited unmetered usage, Including our limited time 50% off offer for the first 12 months. 7-day data retention (raw and aggregated). Other data retention options are available upon request. BIG DATA storage (Elastic Search, MongoDb, MemSQL, etc) are available upon request for Dedicated(Cloud) and Dedicated(on-Premise). Germain APM is GDPR compliant. BUSINESS and USER data can either be encrypted, anonymized or not collected/not monitored, via configuration, etc. Support Day(s): We are available, at your convenience, to help you configure germain APM, find insights into your data or provide guidance on how to improve your business. A Support Day cannot be carried out from one month to the next. germain APM can be configured in nearly any way you want, to further improve Monitoring, Analytics, Automation and Recommendation functions that available in germain APM. Monthly release/updates are available and can be installed by us, upon request. We commit ourselves to building any new feature (Monitoring, Analytics or Automation) our Clients request, and make it our #1 priority.

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All Plans include:


Business Process Monitoring

Code Profiling for almost every language

Predictive Analytics

Real UX Monitoring

Technology Monitoring

Website Monitoring

Plugins for all major platforms